Thursday, 14 May 2020

2/2 First Covid-19 Lockdown Cycle Ride, Dover Seafront, UK

A permitted Coronavirus cycle ride along the promenade from the Eastern Docks to the New Marina Pier, Port of Dover, Kent, England, UK.

After the video there are close-ups of numbers 11 to 20 of the mainly historical local landmarks that are mentioned in the commentary.

The previous post, 1/2 First Covid-19 Lockdown Cycle Ride, contains close-ups of landmarks 1 to 10 (nb "First" in both titles indicates that I'll be making another video of the same route):

The video was filmed on Sunday, 10th of May 2020, using a head-mounted GoPro Hero 8 Black action camera and its built-in microphones.

Entrance to what was once a builder's yard in Tower Hamlets at 13 West Street, CT17 0DU, Dover, England. This is where I live and do private research into Evolution (Internal Evolutionary Mechanism), Psychology (The Archeotrauma, Trauma), and aspeccts of Social Psychology.
Time Lapse Video Start

Two days later I made a three-minute GoPro "Time Warp" (time lapse) video with commentary.

It contains a sequence that also shows the promenade from the Eastern Docks to the New Marina Pier.

Local landmarks, numbers 11 to 20:

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Victorian Waterloo Crescent Grade II Listed Building. Marine Parade. DHB's Harbour House. Best Western Dover Marina Hotel and Spa, ex-Churchill Hotel, White Cliffs Hotel (Eisenhower and Churchill in WW2), part of ex-Shalimar Hotel right. Royal Cinque Ports Yacht Club.
White Cliffs Hotel at Sunrise
Former White Cliffs Hotel, Waterloo Crescent

Where Prime Minister Churchill and President Eisenhower had dinner during the Second World War.

Now the Best Western Dover Marina Hotel and Spa.

Fairbairn Crane pre-restoration (2011)
Fairbairn Crane

Swan-neck tubular crane of 1868 on Esplanade Quay, ex-Ordnance Quay of Wellington Dock.

There's a working steam-powered version in Briatol

A Grade II Listed Building.

Triple spiral staircase linking Grand Shaft Barracks to Snargate Street. Built on Western Heights 1805-1807 in Napoleonic Wars. Lieutenant (Quartermaster) Charles Wooden, Victoria Cross, died in barracks above in 1876; he rode in Charge of the Light Brigade, Balaclava, Crimean War, 1854.
Grand Shaft, Pentax K100D  (2011)
The Grand Shaft

Triple spiral staircase built during the Napoleonic Wars.

Linked the Grand Shaft Barracks on top of the Western Heights cliffs to Snargate Street below.

Keep built 12th Century by Henry II's Norman architect, Maurice the Engineer (mason), with corner towers and pilaster buttress. English Heritage, Listed building. Medieval Royal Palace of King's Hall, King's Chamber, Guest Hall, and Guest Chamber. View from King's Gateway.
View of the Keep from King's Gate
The Keep, or Great Tower of Dover Castle

Built in AD 1180's by Maurice the Engineer for King Henry II

Contains reconstructed medieval royal palace.

English Heritage Listed Building and Ancient Monument.

Pharos lighthouse built 46 AD, Emperor Claudius, Aulus Plautius governor. Bredenstone: Western Heights. Once St Mary-in-Castro belfry, King Lucius Church. Restored: Gilbert Scott, William Butterfield. Garrison School. Officers New Barracks or Officers Mess. Fire Beacon, English Channel.
St Mary-sub-Castro and Pharos
Saxon St Mary-in-Castro Church and Roman Pharos

Church is 10th century AD, restored by the Victorians.

Lighthouse built AD 46, reign of Emperor Claudius.

Both lie in grounds of Norman 12th century Dover Castle.

Situated on the White Cliffs of Dover overlooking the English Channel. Microwave tower, or mast on the left, radar scanner, or antenna on the right. Low roof of the operations room (control center) is in the middle.
HM Coastguard Station, Dover
HM Coast Guard Station Dover

Located at Langdon Battery, Swingate, on the White Cliffs of Dover overlooking the English Channel.

Two masts of Second World War Swingate Chain Home Radar Station, ex-RAF Swingate, now Swingate Transmitting Station. Also: Coastguard Cottages, Broadlees Bottom, A2 Jubilee Way bypass, White Cliffs of Dover, Eastern Docks, Dover harbour from Prince of Wales pier.
A2 Jubilee Way, Eastern Docks
A2 Jubilee Way Flyover

From Broadlees Bottom, low point in the White Cliffs of Dover, to the Eastern Docks.

Also World War Two Swingate radar masts and former Coast Guard Cottages.

Cross-Channel ferries in front of Eastern Arm pier with Eastern Entrance and English Channel on the right. Owner: P&O Ferries. Route: Dover to Calais (France). MS Spirit of France (departing, left). MS Pride of Canterbury (arriving, right). Port of Dover, DFDS Ferries also an operator.
In front of Eastern Arm pier (2012)
Cross-Channel Ferries

P&O Ferries' MV Spirit of France is on the left and MV Pride of Canterbury is on the right.

DFDS Ferries also operates from the Eastern Docks.

Holland America Line. From Copenhagen (Denmark), going to Amsterdam (Netherlands). Call sign PFRO, IMO 8919257. Southern Breakwater, Western Docks. Also: Western Entrance, Dover Breakwater West End Light, Admiralty Pier Lighthouse. Kent, England.
MV Maasdam, Holland America Line
Western Entrance of Dover Harbour

Southern Breakwater on the left, Admiralty Pier on the right.

Lighthouses undergoing restoration in 2010.

Prince of Wales Pier Light was built 1902. 46 feet high stone tower. Very quick flashing green light VQ, 100+ flashes per minute. Cafe behind lighthouse. Gateway Flats on seafront. Taken from above Cruise Terminal 3, Admiralty Pier, Dover Western Docks Revival.
POW Pier Lighthouse in 2010.
Prince of Wales Pier Lighthouse 

Built 1902. 46 feet high stone tower.

Very quick flashing green light VQ, 100+ flashes per minute.

Cycling route map and biometrics are on this Polar Flow web page.

Abridged versions of this post are also on Facebook and Twitter.

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